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    Welcome to Kiri, Florida, a fictional city where the human world is face to face with a rising epedimic, and the supernatural underground is confronted by an unbearable truth that threatens to tear their lives apart. Murder, action, crime, and slice of life, you choose your Savage story in the House of Secrets! S:HoS is an 18+, 3/3/3, original modern dark fantasy/supernatural creatures RPG. We are a mature, low key, laid back community with no word count or strict activity requirements. A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up.
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    Summer may be over and the leaves are changing color, but the Florida weather once again rejects the change, with highs in the low 90's and lows in the lower 70's.
  • All individual works and characters are copyrighted to the players who created them. All images used in this skin were found on Unsplash. The Parallax Slider was created by RingWang, and the CFS script was created by Black of Code. Patterns provided by SubtlePatterns. Pips and Markers by Black Widow of RPG-D. All documentation for S:HOS is copyrighted to Velik and Luna Mora.

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All of the important documentation to understanding the Savages: House of Secrets RPG - please look through everything before you decide to register!
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Here is where all players go to app their characters. Please make sure to post in the correct forum!
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All accepted applications for characters in active play can be found here!
The home for all your claiming needs! Home to the Directory, the Face Claim, a Player Limits list, and an optional Beast Form claim.
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The home for all your plotting needs! Post plotters, trackers, and wanteds, and find players for sub-plots in this area! Does your character have a cell phone? Put it here and have them text their friends!

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Once a thriving industrial sector, the North Side of Kiri has made a valiant effort to revitalize the city. The North Side is declared a "safe zone" in the city: the various mafia families and criminal gangs have agreed that no violence and crime is allowed in the North Side under penalty of death. It hasn't stopped the crime, but it has decreased it drastically. As a result, the North Side is home to a struggling middle class hoping to save the city from destruction.

Having lost most of their industry in the economic downturn, the North Side is now home to a wave of small businesses, office start ups, and educational prospects. It is one of the safest places to be, and its residents work hard to try and bring Kiri back to the stately and historic city it once was.
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Step into the South Side of Kiri at your own risk. This once historic and beautiful district is now easily the most rundown and dangerous section of the city. Many believe the origins of the extreme violence, crime, and drug use in Kiri began in the South Side, and the Old City that borders it.

The South Side is now the poorest and most desolate section of the city, and is home to the worst kind of things that go down in the darkness. The police for the most part refuse to take any calls from that location, having lost dozens of officers over the last 40 years, and the district is now awash with lawless violence. People only come here when they have no one and nowhere else to go, if they're desperate, or they have something to hide... and it is said that the district is run by the demons of hell.
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The East Side of Kiri is known for the Red Light District. It used to be full of some of the most prosperous businesses in Kiri, but when the crime rate increased, the East side was hit the hardest, and the majority of the businesses relocated to the West or North Side. Those that remain have owners that are too poor to relocate, or are owned by local gangs or Mafia members. Running a business otherwise in the East side of Kiri is said to be a suicide run. Because of the high crime rates in the East side, living costs are extremely cheap, and when the cops get a call from this side of the city, they are loath to go... As it's known the East Side is the home of cop killers.
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The West side of Kiri contains the Aved Loch and Crystal Lagoon. Being closer to the water increases the price of the houses nearby. The West Side is full of gated communities, both for apartments and houses, and large houses owned by some of the wealthiest people in the city.
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Kiri's harbor lies on the Kissimmee River, between Orlando and Kissimmee, just south of Sanford. Citizens are not allowed to swim in the river channel, but the harbor is a thriving place for boardwalks, ships, boats, commerce and trade, and just as much above board trading as black market dealings.
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Kiri is completely surrounded by woods on every side that doesn't border the river extending for miles and miles in any direction. The woods are a dangerous place to be, especially at night... But there are trails for hiking, biking and hunting! Just make sure you have a license. Accompanying the woods is Misty Springs, Kiri's best known tourist attraction.

From the capital, to the rest of Florida, to the US, and the world - here is where you'd come if your character has to make a trip out of town. But be warned - it can be hard to leave such an eventful town...
An avenue of play that takes your characters into the past! Want to explore how your long-time friends met? Have a thread in Spring when it's now Autumn? This is the forum for you! Note that this is NOT alternate universe. This forum is also for past threads and events that are closed but not yet archived.

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The out of character place to relax and chill. Come on over to talk to the fellow players and writers! Be friendly, complain about muse and other things. This is a strictly no character zone!
Need to go out of town? Take a hiatus? Something going on? Let us know here, please!
In AND out of character! Have something fun? Feel free to post it up and share with us!
Have something you want to share with the board? Want to show off coding or graphics skills, or have a request another player might be able to help with? This is the place to post it!

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